Recommended for every serious programmer: build these technical skills

by Sam Lightstone

in Careers, Programming

Sam Lightstone

Sam Lightstone

Distinguished Engineer at IBM
BIO: Sam Lightstone is Distinguished Engineer for relational Cloud Data repositories as well as co-founder of IBM's technology incubation initiative.He is author or several books, papers, and patents on computer science, careers, and data engineering.
Sam Lightstone

There are a lot of qualities that separate a serious software engineer from a rank and file developer. It’s what I’ve called “development at scale. “Scale” comes in three dimensions:

a. People. How many engineers are working on the code?

b. Code. How much of it and how old? The more there is and the older it is the more sofwtare engineering becomes important.

c. Usage. How much data and how many concurrent users will this code need to support? Lots of data and lots of concurrent users will raise the sensitivity to system performance.

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