Riding the Cloud with BLU Acceleration, The IBM In-memory Database

by Sam Lightstone

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Sam Lightstone

Sam Lightstone

Distinguished Engineer at IBM
BIO: Sam Lightstone is Distinguished Engineer for relational Cloud Data repositories as well as co-founder of IBM's technology incubation initiative.He is author or several books, papers, and patents on computer science, careers, and data engineering.
Sam Lightstone

BLU for Cloud is here! Cloud computing… cost-effective, easy, and now a great platform for accessing the power and simplicity of BLU Acceleration, The IBM in-memory database for reporting and business intelligence.  Now with IBM’s BLU for Cloud offering everyone can leverage BLU Acceleration’s super-fast analytics with the enabling simplicity of cloud computing. An experience that will move you. A game changer for R&D teams and IT organizations alike.

  1. In under an hour anyone can access awesome data warehousing and BI for less than a cup of coffee.
  2. No infrastructure or IT resources to install, configure and manage.

Cloud is real, and it’s the biggest paradigm shift for IT in over a decade. Let’s get some numbers around that thought.  In my experience with customers, ISVs and consultants BLU Acceleration shows a remarkable typical performance benefit of over 37x for suitable workloads, with many examples of query speedups in excess of 1000x.  There are powerful engineering innovations that make it possible from parallel vector processing, and leveraging the power of modern memory hierarchies.  Yes, BLU Acceleration rocks, but at the same time 80% of software being developed right now is for the cloud.  75% of companies already planning or using some form of software as a service and by just 2016 IBM estimates 25% of apps in the world will be on cloud.  By 2017 50% of companies will use hybrid cloud architectures that join public and private clouds. This is a paradigm shift for high tech over the next 3 years – maybe the biggest since the introduction of mini-servers.  That’s why IBM has already invested USD 7B in cloud to remake enterprise IT, including core offerings like BLU for Cloud. IBM has made it available through the Cloud provider of your choice (Softlayer or AWS) or your can have IBM handle it for you through their managed services (check out BlueMix, an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing and running apps of all types like web, mobile, big data, new smart devices).

This may appear as a technology choice but the movement to cloud is really a business model choice and can be a liberating competitive advantage freeing engineering teams from infrastructure complexity. The biggest questions everyone is going to ask: “What about my data?”.  BLU for Cloud let’s you manage and secure your data as if it’s on premises. Visibility, auditability, control, security.

There are 18 million IT developers in the world and they’re moving to cloud. BLU for Cloud is an enabling technology for those developers offering quantum gains in analytics performance and reduced data size with cloud simplicity.  My advice is don’t get left behind –  ride the cloud.

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