SAP NetWeaver BW and DB2 10.5’s BLU Acceleration, a Magical Combo

by Sam Lightstone

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Sam Lightstone

Sam Lightstone

Distinguished Engineer at IBM
BIO: Sam Lightstone is Distinguished Engineer for relational Cloud Data repositories as well as co-founder of IBM's technology incubation initiative.He is author or several books, papers, and patents on computer science, careers, and data engineering.
Sam Lightstone

Ah memories. Who can forget the joy of waking up to weekend cartoons in the 1970’s and 80’s and those classic commercials for Reese’s peanut butter cups. (Dating myself, I know!) The commercials came in different forms with different characters but always with a familiar modus operandi.  One character eating peanut butter would collide with another  eating chocolate. “You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!” and the other would reply “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!”.  After nibbling a bit of the mixture they’d delight  “Two great tastes that taste great together”. On December 3, 2013 two great companies joined forces to combine their technologies into a solution that works great together.  SAP has ceritified SAP NetWeaver BW’s use with IBM DB2 10.5’s BLU Acceleration, the in-memory database for reporting and BI. This combination allows SAP NetWeaver BW users to leverage DB2’s powerful yet very moderately priced in-memory optimized parallel vector processing columnar engine to accelerate their workloads. We’re really excited about the combination which is just the latest in a decades long relationship between the companies.

The benefits? Customer trials and lab tests are seeing orders of magnitude speedup without any hardware upgrade.

One of the best attributes of the new combination is that it works with many existing SAP levels. You can experience the the benefits of BLU Acceleration without an upgrade of your SAP NetWeaver BW system.  For customers that have existing SAP ASL licenses for DB2 they actually get BLU at no additional charge.  Yup, orders of magnitude speedup at no additional charge, no SAP upgrade and no hardware upgrade. As well, clients who have purchased AESE (and who have support) they can upgrade to 10.5 AESE and use BLU under SAP also at get BLU Acceleration at no additional charge. Check out the compatibility that is supported:

SAP NetWeaver BW releases supporting  DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration

(see SAP note 1825340):

  • SAP NW BW 7.00 SP31
  • SAP NW BW 7.01 SP14
  • SAP NW BW 7.02 SP14
  • SAP NW BW 7.11 SP12
  • SAP NW BW 7.30 SP10
  • SAP NW BW 7.31 SP09
  • In addition apply code corrections included in SAP note 1889656.

DB2 specific Near-Line Storage Solution for SAP BW

  • SAP NW BW 7.01 SP06
  • SAP NW BW 7.02 SP03
  • SAP NW BW 7.30 SP01
  • SAP NW BW 7.31 SP01
  • SAP NW BW 7.40 SP01

In addition apply code corrections included in SAP note 1834310

Hats off and three cheers to my colleagues at SAP and IBM who collaborated to make this possible. Lower cost and higher performance than ever, without the need for either an SAP or hardware upgrade. Two great tastes that taste great together. An outstanding combination!

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