Shazam: The world’s fastest and simplest in-memory database. What’s new for BLU Acceleration in-memory database in the DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release”

by Sam Lightstone

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Sam Lightstone

Sam Lightstone

Distinguished Engineer at IBM
BIO: Sam Lightstone is Distinguished Engineer for relational Cloud Data repositories as well as co-founder of IBM's technology incubation initiative.He is author or several books, papers, and patents on computer science, careers, and data engineering.
Sam Lightstone

DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” has shipped, and it’s time to recognize a great accomplish by a very dedicated team of enterprising engineers. Simplicity, power, availability, compatibility. It’s a pleasure to watch how great technology comes to fruition when inspirational scientists and engineers team-up to create true value. Apologies for gushing, but this is one of those days it’s entirely due. IBM’s new DB2 Cancun with BLU Acceleration is hands down the fastest and easiest in-memory database in the world bar none for reporting and business intelligence.

Here are 7 reasons to love the DB2 Cancun release and revel in the new enhancements to BLU Acceleration:

  1. Load-and-go simplicity. Miraculously, and still unique in the industry, BLU Acceleration adapts automatically to any server,  from gigabytes to terabytes of RAM, from 2 cores to 128.  Just wonderful out of the box performance, and a concomitant stop-watch-checking time to value. Unique.
  2. ELT – Point UPDATE / DELETE processing as much as 80X faster. And there are many other ELT enhancements, including INGEST utility speed-up by 3X. Wow!
  3. Phenomenal Query Performance 35X-73X typical speedup. DB2 Cancun is now dramatically faster than the already amazing performance produced in BLU Acceleration in prior versions. We’ve measured average speed-up over the previous version of BLU Acceleration in DB2 10.5 FP1 of 1.7X across several customer workloads and industry standard benchmarks.  The TPC-DS workload is notably more than 3X faster. Based on this, and a slew of customer references, IBM has increased the official performance speedup projection over traditional row-organized relational technology from 8-25x (used in GA from June 2013) to the new DB2 Cancun expectation of 35x to 73x speed-up. Performance rates like this make it necessary for BLU Acceleration to break the memory barrier, and process data faster than RAM channel speeds. Blazing.
  4. High Availability – We’ve added HADR support. As reporting and business intelligence functions become increasingly mission critical, who can afford for systems to go offline? With DB2’s mature High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) we now have a tried-and-true environment to keep the benefits of BLU Acceleration available in the presence of system failure or geo-local disasters. Sensational.
  5. Mixed OLTP & Reporting – We’ve introduced Shadow Tables, enabling mixed workloads, with real examples of 10X speed-up, and multiple early customer reference quotes.  The DB2 Cancun technology is hands down best of class. For one thing, it does not require all of the user data to fit into memory. In fact, in most cases database memory for the column-organized data can be less than 5% the size of the original user data and run with in-memory optimized performance. Mind-blowing.
  6. Oracle compatible.  We’ve taken DB2’s SQL Compatibility mode (In my experience 98%-100% compatible with Oracle by line of code for most customer applications) and enabled it lock stock and barrel with BLU Acceleration.   Why move an application to DB2 anyway? It’s lower cost, easier to manage, and did I mention the blazing speed thing?  Got Oracle reporting or BI applications? They can now run easily with BLU Acceleration.  Shazam!
  7. ‘dashDB Brings BLU Acceleration to the cloud, along with Netezza technology.  We’ve delivered near simultaneous code to both our on-premise customers using DB2 Cancun as an installable software product as well as making the DB2 Cancun engine with BLU Acceleration available for customers in the cloud, as the “dashDB” on BlueMix. You’ve heard IBM executives talk about IBM’s strategy for cloud computing as a major priority, and BLU Acceleration is a key element. Low cost, no IT infrastructure to procure or configure, no OS or database installation, and best of all it’s a fully managed service, not just “infrastructure as a service”.  Some companies offer “cloud computing” that is really just a collection of servers on the Internet for you to manage, but we believe that cloud computing means simplicity – so IBM manages the entire system for you at no additional cost. Amazingly Agile.  (See more on my dashDB post here )

Thanks for indulging me with all the gushing and a huge thank you to the engineering team for their delivery effort. Shazam.

– Sam

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